Harlequin is Preparing an April Fools Rally

Harlequin is Preparing an April Fools Rally

About game «Harlequin is Preparing an April Fools Rally»

Today we will go to the DC comics universe, where the famous girl Harley Queen lives. She is the dream of many guys, because you rarely find such an ideal combination of incredible beauty and perky character. Although this heroine often gets into trouble, you will never get bored with her. And today an April Fool's Day has come in her universe. For her personality, this is the perfect time to have fun, because she just loves pranks, although not always pleasant. And now the girl is going to the rally, but she does not know which outfit to choose. For this we need a professional stylist, and you are definitely perfect for this role. Harley has a large wardrobe with a variety of clothes, so your task will be to choose the most beautiful outfit, complement the image with an original hairstyle, apply bright makeup, and of course do not forget about accessories and shoes. Good luck!

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