Bearsketball - We Bare Bears

Bearsketball - We Bare Bears

About game «Bearsketball - We Bare Bears»

Bears seem so clumsy and slow, but in fact, these animals are capable of developing high speed, albeit at a short distance. And the bears swim great. Even bears catch fish with amazing dexterity. And today an owl is waiting for three funny friends - Polar Bear, Panda and Grizzly. The merry bear trinity is still trying to "humanize" - diligently imitating people, hoping to become the same. And learning how to have fun, like people, seemed to them an excellent way out. Therefore, the three bears go to a large water park. What for? Just ride the steepest water slides. But for bears this is a completely new activity, so they are a little constrained. You have to teach them the rules of good descent and have great fun with such a wonderful company. But start by choosing your future character. It can be any of the three bears.

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