Red Ball Forever

Red Ball Forever

About game «Red Ball Forever»

The adventures of the young hero continue! In the game Red Ball Forever you will meet the little mischief again and go on a new journey. This time, the planet was again attacked by an army of creepy black cubes. These monsters have long dreamed of taking over the Earth and enslaving all its inhabitants. But this will not happen as long as the red ball stands guard over goodness and justice. There are ten dizzying levels ahead of you, where you have to show your agility, speed and courage. Concentrate on the task and use your ingenuity and lightning-fast reaction to overcome all obstacles on your way. For example, at the edge of the abyss there will be a beam, which you need to push so that it falls to the other edge and a bridge forms. Then, you can easily move to the other side and not fall into the water.

Watch how to play: