Hero Knight Action

Hero Knight Action

About game «Hero Knight Action»

In Hero Knight Action, be prepared to plunge into a pixelated fantastic universe full of hazardous creatures! Take your sword and put every effort to slay every opponent that dares to cross their way with you! When you are the strongest, these poor creatures have no chance against you. Your hometown is on fire, and the inhabitants are running away from the evil creatures. Only you can prevent this bad squad of monsters from killing everyone, so it's time to take and use your sword. The goal of this game is to destroy as many creatures as possible and travel as far as possible. Initially, the opponents you encounter will be weaker. From birds to slug monsters, they are really easy to defeat. However, as you advance across the game, you must be ready to encounter stronger opponents. In this hazardous world, many trials await you, from goblins to big snakes. Be ready for a real adventure!

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