Super Tetris

Super Tetris

About the game Super Tetris

Super Tetris, a game that many remember fondly from the era of old consoles, has been revamped for the modern age. Now you can enjoy this classic game on your computer, thanks to the hard work of the developers who have improved the graphics for online play. Super Tetris is a flash game that includes numerous levels, each one more challenging than the last. The game requires you to solve complex logic problems in a limited time as shapes fall from the top of the screen. To help you navigate through these tricky levels, the game offers little hints. For example, if several cubes are at the same height with nothing underneath, wait for a long stick and try to insert it during the fall. This can be achieved when the shape is at the same height. At this point, quickly push the arrow to the side. We hope you have a great time playing Super Tetris!

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What are the benefits of playing Super Tetris

Playing Super Tetris is not just about fun, it also offers several benefits. It's a great way to improve your problem solving skills, as the game requires you to think quickly and strategically. The increasing difficulty of the levels ensures that you are constantly challenged, keeping the game interesting and engaging. Plus, the nostalgic charm of Super Tetris makes it a delightful trip down memory lane for many players. So why wait? Start playing Super Tetris today and enjoy these benefits!