GTA Crime Simulator

GTA Crime Simulator

About game «GTA Crime Simulator»

If you do not have a good computer with the necessary requirements for the original GTA, then this option is perfect for you! Run through streets full of townspeople, cops, gangsters and mafia bosses. You will have to go a long way to fight him before you become the boss of crime in the big city! Spend your free time with this game trying to achieve your goals. A keyboard and mouse will be enough for the game. Use the W, S, D, A buttons to move around the map and shoot back from crowds of disgruntled people with the right mouse button. Pick up the fallen things from the padded ones, look for hidden secrets hidden on the map in the corner of the screen, and don't forget to take weapons. At the very beginning of the game, you will have $540 and 5 grenades available. Use your resources wisely and have fun!

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