Lego Superhero Race

Lego Superhero Race

About game «Lego Superhero Race»

There have been no new races for a long time, although wait, here it is - Lego Superhero Race, about which we can only say one thing - the game will get to the top without problems and in a short period of time. And it is not surprising, since everything here is at a high level, graphics, characters, plot, but we liked the physics of the game the most, by the way, you will notice this as soon as you leave the driveway from the garage. One gets the feeling that the suspension is so sensitive that you are driving not a racing car, but a real aircraft, in general, this is a must see! The most difficult thing is to enter the roadway, since you have not yet left, and it is difficult to adjust the camera to the car, but it's just a matter of time. As soon as the first stage is completed, you can proceed to the second - driving within the city and finding the end point of the route.

Watch how to play: