Pickup Driver

Pickup Driver

About game «Pickup Driver»

Pickup Driver is an interesting game for boys in which you become a pickup truck driver and start transporting household appliances. Click Play to get started. In the list of levels, choose the first one. Then choose the color and the first available car. For the rest, you will need to earn coins and buy. Click "Next", "Start" and the keys "Start". In each level, you need to deliver goods from the warehouse to the store or to the customer's home. Each time the body of a pickup truck is loaded with more and more equipment. Since it is not secured, it can fall at any time. The road is all bumpy, so you will have to drive very carefully so as not to lose the goods. If you like this game, do not forget to check out more driving games on this website. We are here to make your free time fun and useful!

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