About game «EvoWarriors»

EvoWarriors is a multiplayer browser IO game that will appeal to all fantasy fans and beyond. To start the game, you just need to select and enter your nickname. In a few seconds, you will find yourself on a large map, where battles for life and death are already in full swing. Every beginner or just a loser will start the game from the first round. You will find yourself on the battlefield in the guise of a petty bandit, who plans to conquer all enemies and become the number one warrior. That's just to achieve this you have to work hard. You will be armed with a small sword that can only destroy players of your size and rank. Your character's rank is shown on the bottom panel of the game. To increase it, you need to collect food: delicious steaks, green apples, mouth-watering hams, ginger ale, eggs and fresh bread.

Watch how to play: