About game «Gangsters»

This time, two gangs of gangsters came together in a deadly battle Gangsters Team. Collect weapons, rush to your enemy and smash him to shreds! Try to kill all your opponents in this fun 2-player game. Jump and shoot while you attempt to eliminate all three of your enemy's gangsters while you attempt to stay all three alive. Compete against a real person at your PC or against an AI if you don't have anyone to play with. Make all efforts to get rid of your enemy as fast as you can in this fascinating virtual shooter game. The battle of the Gangsters Gang will last until the last survivor. As long as you have at least one unit, the hope of winning remains. Fight against an advanced computer or with a friend for one device. Collect weapons; who is the first to reach the fallen items, that has more chances of not being successful! Have much fun!

Watch how to play: