Wrestle Online

Wrestle Online

About game «Wrestle Online»

The wrestlers grappled with a stranglehold in the ring and now they have to work with their feet to find out who is stronger. Enter the Wrestle Online game and select the mode for the duel: single, double and multiplayer. At the top of the screen is a set of stars for each player. If a wrestler touches the floor with his head, his opponent lights his star. The one with all the stars that light up faster will be the winner. To control, use the buttons in the lower left and right corner or the keys: up arrow and W. earn coins and buy new funny skins. There are strict rules in sports, and no matter what kind of online martial arts you are engaged in, you must adhere to the established conditions if you do not want to earn penalties. The victory will go to the one who managed to withstand more rounds and score the most points.

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