About Wrestling Games

Wrestling games, an offshoot of the popular sport of wrestling typically seen on television shows, provide an exciting opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to experience the adrenaline-fueled intensity and theatrical expressions of the sport. These games are a significant part of gaming history, with the original release of "MicroLeague Wrestling", the first-ever wrestling game on the Commodore 64 in 1987, setting the stage for what would become an exciting genre in the gaming world. The brains behind this pioneering step was MicroLeague, a game development company that made an incursion into the interactive world by giving wrestling fans a taste of in-ring action via their personal computers.

Over the years, various game developers have created innovative wrestling games for various gaming platforms, each creating a unique wrestling experience for players. Enthusiasts of wrestling games cut across various age groups and consist of individuals who enjoy the fun and thrill that these games offer.

What types of wrestling games are there?

Wrestling games come in a variety of versions with different gameplay systems. Some offer robust character customization, others focus on providing a simulated experience similar to watching an actual wrestling match, while others blend wrestling with elements from other genres to create a distinct gaming experience. Notable among these sub-genres are wrestling simulation games, wrestling role-playing games, and wrestling strategy games.

Defining game developers in the wrestling game genre include MicroLeague, Midway, THQ, and 2K Sports, all of whom have released iconic and popular wrestling games. Each of these developers brings unique gameplay structures, innovative graphics, and exceptional story modes that set their games apart in the wrestling game category.

What you can learn in wrestling games

Playing wrestling games teaches a player strategic thinking skills, quick decision-making abilities, and improved hand-eye coordination. The games often require mastering unique character control schemes and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different characters, fostering strategic thinking in the process.

Best Online Wrestling Games

  • WWE 2K19: Developed by 2K Sports, it is known for its addictive gameplay and incredible graphics that give players an immersive wrestling experience.
  • Fire Pro Wrestling World: A wrestling game that stands out for its deep customization options and engaging multiplayer mode.
  • WWE Champions 2022: A unique blend of wrestling and puzzle gameplay. Players match gems to perform wrestling moves.
  • Pro Wrestling X: This game is a crowd favorite thanks to its attention to the technical nuances of wrestling.
  • WWE Undefeated: Offers you real-time, head-to-head competition with live opponents on your mobile device.


Since their inception, wrestling games have consistently provided excitement, intensity, and interactive gameplay to gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond the virtual punches and grapples, wrestling games offer strategic gameplay, engaging story modes, and the recreation of real-life wrestling. The genre has seen much innovation and improvement over the years, and it has grown to become one of the most notable categories in online gaming.