Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

About the game - Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Step into the boxing ring with Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers, a casual browser-based online game that promises a unique and entertaining experience. This game features ragdolls as boxers competing for the championship title. You can choose to fight the computer or challenge a friend to a boxing match. The game features two modes - single player and two player. In single player mode, you control your rag doll boxer with the WS (forward/backward) and AD (punch) keys, with E for head punches. Your opponent moves and attacks automatically. In two player mode, the second player controls the opponent using the arrow keys for movement and punches, and Shift for head punches. Keep an eye on the health bars in the top corners of the screen to monitor your progress.

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What are the advantages of the game - Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers offers a unique twist on traditional boxing games, providing a fun and entertaining experience. The game's simple controls make it easy to play, yet challenging to master. It offers both single and two player modes, making it a great choice for solo play or competing against friends. Health bars add an element of strategy, as you must monitor your health while trying to deplete your opponent's. With its quirky ragdoll characters and addictive gameplay, Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers is sure to provide hours of entertainment.