City Minibus Driver

City Minibus Driver

About game «City Minibus Driver»

City Minibus Driver game is an amazing game where you will demonstrate your big transport driving skills. You need to show your abilities on the road by running a real passenger bus. There are many adventures ahead of you, where you will pick up people and drive around the streets. In order for the bus to go, you have to start the engine and press the gas. Then you may confidently start your trip. Try yourself as a local bus driver. There are various game modes and you may select any you like the most. For example, there is a race mode, in which you need to compete against other buses. You will ride around the city streets and your mission is to go to the finish line the first, taking over other opponents. This is not as easy as it may seem at first, because the transport is big and the streets are pretty narrow. Try your best and you will succeed!

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