Zombie Parasite

Zombie Parasite

About game «Zombie Parasite»

Zombie Parasite is an extremely easy application that even small kids will love. The alien ship fell near the military base and the infection immediately began. You control the plane and you need to find out what happened at the base. The game has many interesting and varied levels, enemies and bosses! Adventure-quest about an unearthly parasite that appeared on the ground with the help of a spaceship. You are playing here as a parasite, so we will harm everyone in this game. Initially, you appear sticking out of a broken ship in the water, but after that you need to think logically how to throw yourself further. Click in the necessary sequence on what is possible to click at all on the screen - sooner or later you will do what you need. I would like to note the very idea of the game - the plot is simply excellent.

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