Masked Forces

Masked Forces

About game «Masked Forces»

Well, we don't even know what to say, whether it makes sense to compare the new shooter Masked Forces with the mastodon of the game world - Counter Strike, most likely not, since the latter has already achieved its maximum throughout its existence, but the first has just appeared, but already loudly trying to curl about himself. We can try to play, study, compare weapons and ammunition, or forget about the comparison, but simply complete the task and enjoy different weapons. To begin with, your fighter is quite well equipped, he has several types of weapons that can be expanded over time, he has good armor, the choice of armor after each battle can also please, and yes, all this is unique and has its own characteristics, and not just changes the look and name. Immediately, we recall that the game has several modes, and one of them allows you to play with real opponents via the Internet.

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