Supra Crash Shooting Fly Cars

Supra Crash Shooting Fly Cars

About game «Supra Crash Shooting Fly Cars»

A large engineering company presented its innovative development to the public - a real flying car! This is a powerful vehicle that has passed dozens of tests in specially created conditions. But how will a car that can fly behave in urban traffic conditions? You have to find out! Get behind the wheel of an innovative car and drive it around the city. Use the map to navigate the route. But keep in mind that the road will be winding. In order not to fly out of the track and not to lose control, slow down in time. When you reach the required mark, release your wings! Maneuver between buildings to avoid damaging your innovation. Remember to shoot at your opponents when you can reach them. Also track the scale of your health and try to dodge your enemies' shots. This game is fun and entertaining, so enjoy!

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