Bubble Shooter Pop

Bubble Shooter Pop

About game «Bubble Shooter Pop»

Time passes, and bubble shooters are getting better and more attractive. Recall that the phrase "bubble shooter" means shooting bubbles at bubbles (or balls at balls - whatever you like). The player has at his disposal a launch pad, from which only one ball can be launched at a time, and a playing field - a glass - which is full of colorful bubbles. Shooting a ball at the bubbles, you must try to completely clear the field of them. This game is no exception. The mechanics is the same as usual. But to make the game more interesting the developers decided to add some more interesting tasks and missions. For example, in some rounds the goal will be not to clear the field, but to pop two bubbles with fish. And once you pop two of them, the level will be finished, no matter if you clear all the bubbles or not. Have much fun!

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