Anime Couples Dress Up

Anime Couples Dress Up

About game «Anime Couples Dress Up»

We do not know for what story we are preparing two anime characters, but this is probably not the main thing, since we will finish the anime creators themselves will decide what story to come up with two characters - a boy and a girl. By the way, you will need to create several such styles so that you can use them at different time intervals, and if you turn on your fantasy, you can get eight completely different anime characters. You can start by choosing a couple of anime guys, and as soon as you decide on a couple, they will appear in front of you in their underwear. Now you can start. Of course, we will start with the girl. The whole collection of various clothes has been collected for her. These are dresses, skirts, jeans, jackets, shoes and hats. By the way, here you can also pick up stylish accessories, such as a fashionable handbag and a necklace. So, what we got, it seems to us, is very worthy, but let's not forget about the young man, he is also waiting for his turn and is already ready. You can do exactly the same with a boy, choose his hairstyle and hair color, choose a hat, choose a shirt or T-shirt. It would also be nice to wear a jacket on top. You will need to choose shoes matching this clothes, and finish the created image with the help of watches and jewelry.

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