Cake Master Shop

Cake Master Shop

About game «Cake Master Shop»

The Cake Master Shop game is an interesting cooking simulator in which you become a pastry chef and cook several cakes. To start playing, click the arrow below. Pick a cake and start cooking. First, find all the necessary products in the kitchen and drag them to the indicated places on the table. Then press the arrow at the bottom right. Pour the ingredients into a bowl. All actions will be prompted by the handle. Slice the fruit by dragging the mouse over the dotted line so that the knife cuts off the pieces. Beat the dough with a mixer, pour into a mold and bake. Choose a dish, frosting, cream, decorate with fruit. This game may become the first step in your prominent culinary career. Maybe in ten years you will become a real chef and cook the most delicious cakes in the elite restaurants of out world!

Watch how to play: