Dung Beetle Derby

Dung Beetle Derby

About game «Dung Beetle Derby»

You have already played tons of games with dogs, cats and many other representatives of the animal world. But we've never had to play with beetles before. Today is the time to fix it. A dung beetle has made a ball that he needs to deliver home. But on the way to his house there are many obstacles and there is a great risk that the ball will not reach the final point in integrity and safety. Therefore, it is very good that you are here, because without you the beetle will not be able to cope with this important task! You have to help the dung beetle to roll its ball to the end of the level. Interact with objects and help your new friend to cope with a difficult task. Get ready for numerous obstacles on the way, turn on your wit and go! We promise that you will get an incredible experience playing this game!

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