About game «StackBall.iO»

To win in StackBall.iO you need to get to the lower level. To do this, break the rock under you. Green steps break easily, but if we try to break black ones, we will break ourselves. The further, the more difficult. The steps and their placement will be more difficult. You have to think before every step. To destroy the stairs in the StackBall.iO, you just need to click. It's very nice to hold down the click and go through the whole layer down. This is where the game catches us. In the future, you need to very carefully calculate your passage so as not to cut into the black layer. Proceed carefully and you will win! If you manage to destroy more platforms at the same time, you will activate a special mode that will allow you to really destroy everything. So jump in and start playing! Have much fun!

Watch how to play: