Tic Tac Toe Vegas

Tic Tac Toe Vegas

About game «Tic Tac Toe Vegas»

Another variation of the famous Tic-Tac-Toe, this time the action takes place in Vegas. The rules of the game are classic, no different from the original. You can play with a computer opponent or you can always play tic-tac-toe with a second player. We keep looking for interesting games that differ from the standard Tic Tac Toe, since it is very boring and honestly impossible to win! Of course, except when you make a mistake because of your carelessness, but that's not interesting, right? What is the interest in waiting until the opponent makes a stupid mistake, reducing one game after another to a draw? In the game, tic-tac-toe on 10 fields, you are randomly transferred to one of them, after which you need to walk very quickly! You need to make moves with the reference to the fact that the opponent can get the same field two times in a row, and if one of his moves does not block, you risk losing.

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