My Dolphin Show 7

My Dolphin Show 7

About the game - My Dolphin Show 7

My Dolphin Show 7 is a captivating online game that invites you to perform for an audience of dolphin show enthusiasts. This seventh installment in the series introduces new types of dolphins capable of performing a wider range of tricks. The game also features new acts that were not available in previous versions. Finally, My Dolphin Show 7 now includes a Russian translation, making it accessible to a global audience. Your pet dolphin is ready and eager to start training for the big show.

As in previous versions, you must feed your dolphin one hour before the performance. The best food for a dolphin is fish, which is also the reward for successfully performing tricks. In My Dolphin Show 7, you can unlock new dolphins and special outfits that will make your dolphin look truly spectacular. However, you must perform all of the tricks set by the trainer during the performance. If you don't, the audience will be disappointed and you won't earn any money. If this happens, the dolphinarium will have to close, the show will end and the dolphins will be released into the open sea.

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What are the advantages of playing My Dolphin Show 7

Playing My Dolphin Show 7 offers several advantages. It's a fun and entertaining way to pass the time, and it also helps improve hand-eye coordination and reaction times. The competitive aspect of the game can also foster a sense of achievement and satisfaction. In addition, the game's cute and colorful graphics make it a pleasure to play. Finally, My Dolphin Show 7 is browser-based, which means you can play it anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection.