TANKS: Sci-Fi Battle

TANKS: Sci-Fi Battle

About game «TANKS: Sci-Fi Battle»

In the game TANKS: Sci-Fi Battle, you will find hot tank battles that will take place at various space stations. Each station is an arena where battles will take place. You control one of the tanks, which completely subordinates you. The game consists of 34 missions, in each of which you need to deal with all enemy combat units. Each enemy tank has its own unique characteristics. With the help of smart artificial intelligence, they can move, attack and defend themselves automatically. You have to fight with tanks, which are equipped with artificial intelligence. Will it be easy? Let's try to play! The initial missions will be pretty simple, but with each level the number of enemies will increase, so the battles will be hot! Shoot accurately at the target to destroy enemies at the beginning of the battle. Remember about the ricochets of shells and save lives, you will need them in the future.

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