Bloo Kid 2

Bloo Kid 2

About game «Bloo Kid 2»

Let's start with a little background about our hero. Recently, he finally met the love of his life - Pink Girl. The couple even managed to have a child - Pink Kid. Their affairs went very well, until at one point everything turned upside down. For Bloo Kid, life has become a continuous adventure. Well, we will not fully reveal to you the plot of the game, and we recommend that you open the game yourself and see what happens to our characters. By the way, do not forget to pay attention to the special 2D retro style of this game. Everything is done to make you feel the same atmosphere of classic games. And in general, the game itself will remind you a lot of good old Mario and Sonic. Believe me, they are very funny characters, and our Bloo Kid embodied their best features. Your task will be to control our hero, collect yellow and blue stars, avoid or destroy enemies and overcome the whole round, reaching the finish line.

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