Sniper Attack

Sniper Attack

About game «Sniper Attack»

Sometimes there are special assignments from law enforcement agencies, where elite shooters are attracted. You will be one of those professionals. All you have is a Dragunov sniper rifle, but this is more than enough to cope with all the tasks. They will not be as easy as they seem at first glance. But with attention to detail and quick reaction, any missions will be successfully completed! The game provides 20 missions where you have to kill a bandit who escaped from prison, a member of a criminal gang, as well as those who broke the law. Due to the fact that all potential goals are hidden, it will be difficult to identify them. You will only have one clue - a white T-shirt, green pants, etc. Try to look closely at the actions of each passer-by, and then shoot at the one who deserves the most severe punishment - death.

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