Fruit Sudoku

Fruit Sudoku

About the game Fruit Sudoku

Fruit Sudoku is an addictive browser-based game that transforms the traditional number puzzle into a vibrant fruit field. The game board is a mix of filled and empty cells, where your task is to correctly arrange the fruits without repetition. The game offers different levels of difficulty, challenging your ability to solve the puzzle. From the main menu you can select easy, medium or hard levels. The game area already has randomly scattered fruits, and your task is to fill the empty cells with the correct fruits. The goal is to fill rows and columns with different fruits that are not next to each other. If you make the right move, the fruit stays in the selected cell, otherwise it turns red. There's also a timer that can be removed by clicking on the bonus hourglass, where you'll also find additional hints.

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What are the benefits of playing Fruit Sudoku

Playing Fruit Sudoku is not only fun, but also beneficial. It's a great way to improve your problem solving skills and your attention to detail. The game's colorful and engaging interface makes it a fun way to exercise your brain. The varying difficulty levels cater to both beginners and Sudoku veterans, making Fruit Sudoku a game for everyone. Plus, the added time pressure and hint system make the game even more exciting and challenging. So, whether you're a Sudoku enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, Fruit Sudoku is a game worth trying.