About Sudoku Games

Once upon a time, before the advent of laptops and the Internet, sudoku games served as a staple leisure activity for people of all ages. This vintage gem has lost none of its luster in the face of modern digital entertainment media.

Sudoku games, originally a pastime of the print era, are number puzzles that have seamlessly transitioned into the digital world, enriching the multitude of games available online. Many still choose to solve Sudoku puzzles in print media such as magazines, newspapers, or thin Sudoku pamphlets that are handy for commuting. For others, their device is sufficient for a good round of sudoku games, easily accessible and ready to play at any time.

What types of sudoku games are there?

The essence of Sudoku games lies in numerical operations. Also known by creative names such as "magic square" or "Latin square", the basic configuration is a 9x9 square made up of 81 cells. These cells are filled with numbers from 1 to 9, which act as clues for the player, who then completes the remaining sections, ensuring that the number does not reappear in the row, column, or smaller square.

The complexity of Sudoku games varies depending on the type, and can range from puzzles that take only a few minutes to solve to those that can take days to complete. Properly designed sudoku games have only a single solution, but many modern complex sudoku games allow multiple correct solutions, adding to their unpredictability and excitement.

Best Online Sudoku Games

  1. Web Sudoku: This classic online variant allows you to choose your difficulty level and solve puzzles to your heart's content.
  2. Online Sudoku: This classic online variant allows you to choose your difficulty level and solve puzzles to your heart's content.
  3. Sudoku.com: An app-based platform with daily challenges for all skill levels.
  4. Microsoft Sudoku: An app that offers five levels of difficulty along with several tools to help you, such as hint and erase.
  5. Sudoku Quest: More than 2000 unique and well-designed puzzles await your analytical skills.
  6. Extreme Sudoku: For the brave hearts out there, a challenging storm of complex puzzles.

What you can learn in Sudoku games

Sudoku games are an interesting mix of recreation and education. They help to improve analytical thinking, problem solving skills and number manipulation tactics. Slowly but surely, these games create a significant impact on the thought process, building a strong mathematical foundation and improving concentration.


In the realm of puzzle games, Sudoku games have cemented their place as timeless classics. Whether as a casual distraction in a magazine or as an addictive digital game, Sudoku continues to challenge and engage audiences around the world, proving that a good number game never gets old.