Impossible Bus Stunt 3D

Impossible Bus Stunt 3D

About game «Impossible Bus Stunt 3D»

Impossible Bus Stunt 3D is an addictive racing game where you will perform various stunts on a big bus. There are many types of bus in the game that you can unlock. It also has levels that you must pass. Each new level will be challenging in its own way. Pass obstacles, jump from high jumps, fly with a parachute and end your race by jumping over a large plane. After entering the game, click on the play button, and you will be taken to the main menu, where you can select your first level and start passing it. You can also buy a new bus or paint your own. Your task is simple, you have to drive a bus, go through various obstacles that you meet on the way, and reach the finish line. You can control your bus using the WASD keys. In this game you will demonstrate your excellent driving skills and prove to us that you are the best driver!

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