Deathmatch Combat iO

Deathmatch Combat iO

About game «Deathmatch Combat iO»

There was a chance to show fighting skills, for this you need to reincarnate as a soldier, and grab protective armor along with a weapon. Preparing for long firefights, go to the server with the players or create your own room. Be on the lookout to avoid being caught by surprise and hit the enemy before he realizes. Look for cover for a surprise attack, there is no point in asking for trouble. You play as part of a team that you must help, gaining victory points awarded for defeated opponents. Get as many frags as possible to take the leading position. Become the best among your clanmates and on the server. Standard equipment is available, and more advanced equipment is purchased for money. For each successful battle, a certain amount of money is awarded, but the largest amount goes to the winners, so you should try to win more often.

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