Inca Adventure

Inca Adventure

About game «Inca Adventure»

For many centuries, travelers and scientists have been looking for the remains of the ancient Inca civilization. No one still knows if there really was such a civilization. Rumor has it that the Inca were well versed in the stars, and they also created very beautiful frescoes on which they depicted their portraits. The Inca were also talented architects, and they decorated their houses with sculptures that no sculptor can now replicate. The mysterious Inca disappeared without a trace, but everyone knows that they had the greatest knowledge about everything in the world, like no one else. You and your friends can help you find Inca treasures. To do this, go on a journey right now! Collect diamonds along the way and use them to open enchanted doors. Use ancient weapons when danger hits. Ahead of you is waiting for 16 levels of an exciting game. Call your friends and plunge into the Inca Adventure right now!

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