Magic School Story

Magic School Story
Magic School Story

Developer Company: Homeiic Ltd
Published: March 12, 2021
Game Technology: HTML5
Compatible Devices: Desktop
Playable On: Windows, MacOS, Linux

About Magic School Story

Magic School Story is an enchanting fantasy adventure that lets you create and manage your very own school of magic. Imagine a place bustling with aspiring wizards, all eager to master the mystical arts. This game offers an immersive experience where you can construct everything your magical institution needs, from dormitories and classrooms to lecture halls, restrooms, and shops. Your ultimate aim? To build the most prestigious magic school in the world.

But Magic School Story isn't just about school management. You'll also need to strategize and govern wisely. The game kicks off with the challenge of raising enough funds to start your school. While building rooms can generate a modest income, the real money comes from solving a plethora of match-3 puzzles. Each puzzle you solve brings you closer to your goal, offering various rewards to enhance your school.

One of the primary objectives in these magical adventures is to elevate your school to the pinnacle of the magical realm. Engage in battles with your mages, gain their support to tackle various tasks, and outshine other players in these mystical quests.

Magic School Story delivers a unique blend of strategy, puzzle-solving, and adventure. It encourages players to unleash their creativity in building and managing their own magic school. The game also introduces a competitive edge as you strive to make your school the best in the magical world. The puzzles add an extra layer of challenge and fun, providing a rewarding way to earn resources. All in all, Magic School Story offers a rich and captivating gaming experience.

How to Play Magic School Story?

  • Expand your school by constructing new buildings.
  • Upgrade classes to enhance student learning.
  • Enroll new students and guide them to graduation.
  • Complete quests to earn rewards.
  • Engage in dragon battles during adventures.
  • Go mining to gather essential materials.
  • Play match-3 puzzles to collect resources.
  • Collaborate with friends to assist each other.

Video Gameplay - Magic School Story