Red boy and Blue Girl Forest Adventure

Red boy and Blue Girl Forest Adventure

About game «Red boy and Blue Girl Forest Adventure»

What is allowed to Fire is not allowed to Water, and vice versa, where Water can pass, Fire will be powerless. This is the main principle of this game, in which two heroes, Fire and Water, roam the labyrinths of the Forest Temple. To overcome obstacles, they must act harmoniously and always come to each other's aid. Since there are two heroes, it is more expedient (and simply more convenient) to play the game together. The obstacles in the labyrinths are varied, but you should always adhere to the main rule: Water can only walk on water (blue baths and puddles), and Fire can only force fiery (red) barriers. Green baths are contraindicated in both. Levers, buttons and other devices that operate the mechanisms of doors and bridges must be used alternately. While one hero is holding the button, the second one passes. Since the buttons and levers are duplicated, this scheme allows you to successfully overcome the obstacle to both Fire and Water.

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