Pokemon Pikachu Escape

Pokemon Pikachu Escape

About game «Pokemon Pikachu Escape»

Pikachu is a small Pokemon with a cheerful disposition. He always gets to places where there are some adventures and is always the soul of the company. But today he does not look like himself. And not for nothing, because there was trouble. The attackers locked Pikachu in the house with other Pokemon and now they can not get out. That is why we must come to the aid of our little friends. This is a game in the style of "find a way out of a closed room." At the very beginning, you will go to the house where Pikachu is closed and try your best to free our hero. Use all the tools at hand that you will see. Sometimes the solution to a complex puzzle is the most unexpected option. Therefore, your task is to try everything that comes to your mind. And sooner or later you will be able to save Pikachu and his friends!

Watch how to play: