Hamburger 2020

Hamburger 2020

About game «Hamburger 2020»

Once a young and ambitious chef decided to open a small restaurant in one of the busiest districts of the city. Having studied the market and demand, the chef realized that it would not be easy, since there are already several restaurants and cafes around and it would be difficult to attract people. What is it to come up with? He thought for a long time, until one of his friends, who are fond of magic tricks, offered to juggle while cooking, for example, burgers, by the way, the restaurant can be called unusual burgers. So, it remains only to learn how to do it, and do it quickly and efficiently. It is too early to gather people for the opening, first you need to master the art of juggling, and only then call people. So let's get started. The first thing we need is a frying pan, but it must be hot so that the meat that has fallen on it will quickly fry, and you can toss it to turn it over to the other side.

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