King Bowling Defender

King Bowling Defender

About game «King Bowling Defender»

King Bowling Defender will bring you a lot of fun. The mechanics of the game are very similar to bowling. Only instead of a ball will you use a cannon, and shoot from it at your opponents, who will move along the track to attack you. You will need to aim at them and shoot. Sometimes one shot is not enough to destroy one warrior. You have to throw all your opponents into the water, which is on the sides of the track. The essence of the mission is to prevent zombies from attacking your castle. The game consists of many levels, so it will be a lesson for you for a very long time. Every two rounds you will need to deal with the boss. The main thing - do not stop for a second, because zombies are constantly moving forward. Their speed increases in each round, so you will need to respond very quickly. Good luck!

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