Tank Mayhem

Tank Mayhem

About game «Tank Mayhem»

This is a great tank game that allows you to shoot your opponents for fun. The advantage lies in the ability to play not only alone, but also in company with a friend. The strongest bonus of the game, a mini-tank, will help you beat enemies at a breakneck speed. Game control is simple. They conduct battles on a computer using a mouse or on a touch screen of a gadget. Click the Play sign to start the game. In the window that appears, the number of players is determined by clicking on one or two. The blue tank moves in different directions using the W, A, S, D keys, the shot is fired by pressing V. To control the red tank, you need the arrow keys on the keyboard. The fire command follows after pressing M. If the unmanned tank cannot hit the enemy, it will be a kamikaze attack. Other bonuses will also increase your firepower.

Watch how to play: