About game «HelixJump.io»

HelixJump.io is an online io arcade game. Despite the fact that everyone plays on their own, the game's website has Top - 3 players, and it's damn good to see your avatar there! The essence of the game HelixJump.io is to break round platforms with your hero to the very bottom. Level by level the obstacles will get harder. For example, somewhere from the fifth zone, spikes appear that cannot be jumped over. Find your way out of a difficult situation! Many people like to light-heartedly let the jumper pass through the gaps in the platforms, but at one point boredom comes and it becomes clear that something is missing. But there is a special twist here, because you can now compete with your friends online. Go downstairs, avoid dangerous thorns, be the very first in the general top and make your rivals envy you. It's not scary if you get on the spikes, in this game there are tiers with save points, you just need to get to them.

Watch how to play: