Stickman Dash

Stickman Dash

About game «Stickman Dash»

Stickman Dash is an addictive game where you take on the role of a killer. It sounds scary, but you will fulfill this mission only for a noble purpose. Imagine that you have become a ninja. To do this, you need to be very brave and courageous. If you lack these qualities, do not worry, because in this game you and I will learn to be real ninjas. Every day you are given different tasks and missions, because only you with such unique skills will be able to perform them. This time you will need to get into the building with the criminals, but before you get to them you have to go through all the guards. They walk along the corridors here and there. You need to act quickly, because if they notice you, they will run to you to kill, and you, believe me, do not need it. We believe that you are the most perfect candidate to perform this task!

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