Color Roller

Color Roller

About game «Color Roller»

In the game Color Roller you will have to go through many interesting and varied levels. The essence of each of them is that in front of you there will be depicted a maze, and in it the ball will be located. This ball must go through the entire maze in a short period of time. To make it easier for you to understand where the ball was and where it has not been, it will leave a colored trail. This way, you will only be able to finish the round when its gray base is completely colored. Keep in mind that you can push the ball in any direction, and then it will roll straight to the wall. It will be impossible to stop him in the middle of the road. That is why in this game you will need to apply your logical and strategic thinking. Also, you will need to think very quickly, because the time at each level you are given is limited. Good luck!

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