Deer Hunting Sniper Shooting

Deer Hunting Sniper Shooting

About game «Deer Hunting Sniper Shooting»

This game is a nice combination of two genres - search games and shooters. So, if you like these both activities, then you must like this game too. The plot is evolving across urban location, where different criminal activities are happening. Surprisingly for the plot, you will be on the dark side of this situation. Your mission is to become the real killer. But before get down to the real business, your first tasks will be to kill the deers. But you must bear in mind, that if your task precisely tells to kill the deer, you must not kill any other animals or creatures. Focus only on finding the deer and killing it. The game consists of many levels, so you must strictly follow the task of the quest to advance these levels. Do not hurry, because on different level you will have different tasks, so you will be able to track down various animals, and not only deers. Once you shoot right in your target, you will see the wonderful graphics how the bullet kills the victim. For every successful move you will be given game money, which you can then spend in the store to buy more advanced weapons.

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