Magnet 3D Picker Race

Magnet 3D Picker Race

About game «Magnet 3D Picker Race»

Magnet 3D Picker Race is a U shape Picker mode of transport that is gathering Spheres, but you must dodge traps. Use arrow keys to guide the object, avoid barriers, and gather spheres. The player has the opportunity to play and gather balls and put them into holes in order to obtain coins and points. Pick up 3D cubes and acquire gold coins to unblock more valuable and hard to get bonuses. Flying colored balls are seen in this way, indeed, that the player has the ability to choose balls and unlock new seasons of meaning. A vast quantity of light balls are there for the greatest user experience. This game seems like a game with a breaker, when the player chooses 3d balls and performs his own mission. We promise that this game will be the nice option for you not only to spend your free time in an interesting way but also usefully.

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