Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty 2020

Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty 2020

About game «Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty 2020»

Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty 2020 offers you to become a train driver. In this game you will not just create a whole train, but you will be given a very important mission. In particular, a bus in the form of a trailer will be attached to your locomotive. It will need to be pulled from one point to another. In this case, you will have time for which you need to invest. Do not rush, because the area may be unfamiliar to you and on the way there will be various pits or potholes, which you do not even expect. The mission is very responsible because you are carrying a very precious cargo. The game has many levels, so you do not have to be sad. If you like Tractor games, then we recommend you to check out more game from this category on Desura! Also, you can try yourself as a driver of other modes of transport, such as plane, ship, bike and more!

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