Pregnant Anna And Baby Care

Pregnant Anna And Baby Care

About game «Pregnant Anna And Baby Care»

Welcome to Pregnant Anna And Baby Care! The fact is that your favorite characters from fairy tales are already waiting for you today in this new game! It will be Anna from the frozen kingdom of Arendelle and her beloved husband, now Prince Kristoff. We are all confident that you are well acquainted with Anna and Kristoff. Anna and Kristoff are already husband and wife, and are soon awaiting the birth of their baby. But they cannot cope on their own, so they ask you for help. Since this is their first child, they want you to help them prepare for the birth of their child and look after him. Pregnant Anna and her husband must first prepare for childbirth. Go with them to the store and buy all the first things you need after giving birth. A girl must prepare very well for becoming a mother. Buy all baby products and hurry to take care of her, because the due date is approaching!

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