Frenzy Chicken Farming

Frenzy Chicken Farming

About game «Frenzy Chicken Farming»

Games Farm Frenzy online, this is an excellent farming simulator, where you become the owner and develop the land on your own so that they start making a profit. The nice thing is that it will be free to play. The game Frenzy Chicken Farming sends you to the farm of a cute old woman who breeds laying hens. The heroine invites you to help take care of the birds, and at the same time try to improve the farm. You have to work hard, because chickens require constant attention and care. Fulfill all their desires and they will thank you by laying eggs that you can sell on the market. For the money received, you can buy new equipment for the chicken coop, feed and many other things that are necessary for the farm. Sometimes predators will attack your livestock, but you can cope with them if you put them in a cage. Click the animal with the mouse several times until the cage is strong enough.

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