Police Car Chase Crime Racing

Police Car Chase Crime Racing

About game «Police Car Chase Crime Racing»

If you have always dreamed of working in the police, but not just sitting offices or patrolling the streets, but doing really cool stunts, then the game Police Car Chase Crime Racing is what you need. You will receive a company car. You will see red dots on the interactive map. These are the cars that you need to stop. Overtake them and block the path to complete the arrest of the criminal. You will need to accelerate the car to catch up with the car you need and block its passage. Thus, you will make an arrest, and you will receive points for it. This game is just perfect for those, who are crazy about cars and races. You have a unique opportunity to test your driving skills and speed. Accomplish the mission we give you and prove to us that you are the best in this field! You will have a great time!

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