Frivolous Games

The word "Friv" is derived from the word "frivolous" and was invented as a domain in 2002 by Ghost Production for the new animated series Frivolous Fairytales™, whose pilot episode was presented on the domain registered by them. As originally intended by the creators of the cartoon series, this domain was to become the main host of this cartoon project. However, it did not go beyond the first episode, because the audience found this cartoon "boring", and the project had to be closed. Almost at the same time, the word Friv had another life, as a descriptive term for frivolous games. It is not known exactly who and when was the ancestor of this concept of Frivolous, but thousands of web developers have used it to promote their gaming sites. Even though the word Friv is falling out of favor, it is still the most popular query in the field of online games that users from all over the world type into the Google search bar today.

About frivolous games on Desura

Desura is an gaming website, where you can find lots of Friv games created by various developers on different languages. The platform interface is very simple and you can easily find your favorite game category. The algorithm to start playing games is very easy. First choose the Frivolous game, which you want to enjoy. If you aim to play the specific game, just enter its name in the search field. Do not worry of your network speed is not as good as may be required. Desura loads all the games very quickly and you do not have to wait long till your favorite game is ready to be played. You are welcome to play the games not only at your home through the computer, but also using your smartphone or other devices. Play the Frivolous games anywhere you want, even when you are far away from your home. One more good news is that you do not have to pass through millions of boring steps to start playing. The only things you need are the internet connection and a device to play. Google our website and click any game to start playing.

Who are friv games for?

Nowadays Friv games have evolved to be not only just for fun, but also for the comprehensive development of the kids. Playing these learning Frivolous games, children develop and master a lot of useful skills, and therefore become smarter.

The gaming industry is constantly growing with hundreds of new developers every month. Therefore, in order to remain one of the leaders in the industry, the gaming site must constantly provide its users with new features. And we are good at it. We love providing new, fun and engaging ways for all of our players. Our catalog of casual games is so large that everyone can find something they like. Remember to bookmark our site and you will never wonder what to play again.