Spongebob Quirky Turkey

Spongebob Quirky Turkey

About game «Spongebob Quirky Turkey»

Thanksgiving is approaching and SpongeBob wants to get ready for it thoroughly, which means the table must be bursting with varied and traditional dishes. He cannot do without you, go to the game Spongebob Quirky Turkey. Bob decided to cook a fat roasted turkey for the festive table and went to the Bikini Bottom supermarket to shop. Going out into the street, the hero saw a huge turkey walking right on the sidewalk, she walked imposingly and was absolutely not afraid of anyone, but when she saw SpongeBob she ran away. We will reveal to you a big secret - Bob's friend is hiding in a turkey costume - the starfish Patrick, he decided to play a prank on his friend and changed into a bird, but did not expect that Sponge would not recognize him and start chasing him. You have to rescue poor Patrick and help him escape from Bob in the game Spongebob Quirky Turkey.

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