Racer 3D

Racer 3D

About game «Racer 3D»

Today, the most ordinary races do not surprise anyone at all. People need to be completely immersed in the game so that everything reminds them of real events. If you sit behind the wheel of a virtual car, you should feel everything! How changing landscapes sweep around you and, most importantly, feel the adrenaline and speed. Such sensations can only be experienced thanks to 3D technology. Unleash your anger and crush your opponents using your stolen patrol car. When you drive like crazy, hunt, drop the atomic bomb and destroy everything in your path. You will feel all the charm of events and feel every turn. Perform unimaginable drifts, outrun rivals and just enjoy the race in full 3D. Five game regimes and four racing roads are there for you. Choose one you like and head to the start. Have much fun!

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